Event Breakdown

July 26th - 27th

Location: PubNub, San Francisco, CA

Saturday 3PM - 3:45PM: Registration

Check-in and start mingling! This is a chance to get to know the people you may be working with. Exchange information, get to know what people do, and start strategizing.

3:45PM - 4:30PM: Welcome Message and Judge Introductions

We'll kick off the event with a big welcome and go over what will take place over the two days. We'll also introduce the judges and what the judging criteria will be.

4:30PM - 5:15PM: Pitches

Participants who want to will come up one by one and pitch to the audience. Each participant is limited to 60 seconds, so if you want to pitch make sure you prepare in advance!

5:15PM - 5:45PM: Voting

All the ideas that were pitched will be on display around the room on pieces of butcher paper. Participants will have an opportunity to cast votes via sticky notes with their name on it. The top ideas will advance into the team formation round.

5:45PM - 7:30PM: Team Formation and Dinner

Join a team and start strategizing a game plan over dinner! Dinner will be served at 6:15PM. After 7:30PM, all Spectators will be asked to leave so that teams can start to get to work.

7:30PM and on: Work time

Some coaches will be around to advise teams and provide feedback. Talk to your coaches! They will be a valueable resource in pointing your project in the right direction. The venue is open 24 hours so you can stay overnight if you wish!

Sunday 8:00AM: Breakfast

The venue will reopen and teams can resume working. Breakfast will also be served.

12:00PM: Call for Needs/ Lunch

Teams will reach out for a call for needs to see if there are any resources they need to complete their projects. Lunch will also be served.

7:00PM: Spectators welcome back

Spectators will be allowed back into the venue for the final presentation and after party.

7:30PM - 8:30PM: Final Presentations

All work stops at exactly 7:30PM on Sunday. Teams will then be called up by a predetermined order to give their final presentations to the panel of judges.

8:30PM - 9:15PM: Judging and Final Reveal

Judging will occur for 30 minutes as judges deliberate over which projects stood out based on the judging criteria set forth at the beginning of the event. After the deliberation, a final reveal will take place at 9:00PM and winners will claim their prizes!

9:15PM - 11:00: AFTER PARTY

A doge party will ensue. And we'll have a special guest DJ on the ones and twos: JACKSON PALMER!

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