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Got the next big digital currency idea? Prove your concept and gain traction with fellow peers. These are all improving employability skills that we need to see.

grand prize: 3,000,000 doge

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Accept Dogecoin payments on your website, app, or game! You can use our API or our payment widget . It couldn't be easier to start earning DOGE. Such profits!

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Our RealTime API makes showing real time prices, new transactions, and blocks on your apps/webpages a breeze. You see it live on this page. Check out the code in the API section !

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TipDoge API

It is super easy to build stuff on top of @tipdoge - to get an api key you need to contact me on twitter . After that you use any of the methods on this page here .

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Moolah is a digital currency platform created to help users create transactions and trade currencies. Use their to start transacting with Doge and other digital currencies instantly (sign up required).

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Build, Deploy and Scale Realtime Apps. Add realtime communications to any app—across mobile, browser, desktop and server—without worrying about infrastructure.

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Start Accepting Bitcoin and Dogecoin in your retail store or restaurant. Web Based, Instant Verification, Nightly Deposits.

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